Angela Shore (Founder)

+ Vivacious, strong heart, fiery
+ Game: Chess
+ Balance: Nature & yoga
+ Loves: Family time, friends & animals
+ Dislike: Rudeness & bigotry
+ Humanity, preserving Indigenous cultures & land
+ Give back to non-profits
+ Tees, denim, eye wear, gold & turquoise
+ French, Dutch, Swiss, Cherokee
+ Anthropology, photography, art, design, music, hospitality, wellness & ecology
+ Exotic spices & scents
+ Favorite Eats: Farm to table, flavors of Asia
+ Morning Routine: 8oz glass room temp water & half squeezed lemon
+ Dreamy: Exploring all tropical islands of Asia
+ Attended the largest spiritual human gathering called Kumbh Mela in India
+ Ayurveda: Wellness Certification / Kerala Ayurveda Academy U.S.
+ Ayurvedic: Bodywork Certification Kerala, India

Angela Shore’s unquenchable desire to help others find peace, relief, and answers is a continuous passion. She has a natural philosophy of holistic wellness and ecological focus that plays into every aspect of the brand; from the organic, pure ingredients to the humane ethics employed every step of the way. Angela’s style and approach to Wellness is a constant innovative creative process.