Name: Christina Koutras Occupation: The business of Fashion. A little hustlin too. What makes the world a better place?Creativity. Imagination. Love. How has Jiva-Apoha influenced your life?It’s brought a sense of balance and peace to my life. Self nurturing and indulgence in all things that are good for the mind, body & spirit.Name: Solomon Eversole Occupation: Designer/Maker What makes the world a better place?Becoming aware of the beauty that’s already here. How has Jiva-Apoha influenced your life?Everything. Just yesterday an old friend lingered in our embrace and whispered in my ear “I want to smell just like this.” It was a little Atman and a little 1967. Everyday I wear Sundara I’m stopped in the street and asked, “what do you use on your face? You look radiant.”Name: Teresa Boyd Occupation: Producer What makes the world a better place?Peace and love. How has Jiva-Apoha influenced your life?We are all of one Earth. Jiva-Apoha is my Earth and my Heaven.Name: Rachel Alexander Occupation: Model/Writer What makes the world a better place?My hope is that one day meditation is taught in schools, as early as Kindergarten. It is a small change with lasting results. I believe the only way for real progress starts from within, fully awake. How has Jiva-Apoha influenced your life?Jiva-Apoha oils are more than just an organic beauty brand they are a beautiful ceremony for the soul.Name: Martin Sobey Occupation: Artist/Parent What makes the world a better place?The infinite love I have for my family. How has Jiva-Apoha influenced your life?Every time I use Jiva oils, it is a reminder of my connection to Earth and that the ingredients in what I am using, are of this place.Name: Ruth Wolin Occupation: Woman Warrior/Keeper of the Surname. What makes the world a better place?Modern Matriarch. Lead us into the future. Searcher of dreams come true. How has Jiva-Apoha influenced your life?Keeps me grounded. Focused. Leads to be the woman I know myself to be.Name: Kerri D'Angelo Occupation: Pharmacist/Mama What makes the world a better place?Kindness How has Jiva-Apoha influenced your life?Jiva-Apoha oils are truly magical. They have become a treasured part of my daily routine and I never go a day without them. Angela is a gifted and intuitive healer. I am so grateful to have discovered her and these amazing oils.Name: George Speros Occupation: Model Agent/Animal Lover What makes the world a better place?Kindness and compassion to everyone and everything… I always loved the quote "be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”. How has Jiva-Apoha influenced your life?Jiva-Apoha oils are a sensory experience, they help me to awaken and open. I use them every morning to help start my day with a clearer mind and heart.Name: Rachel Cruz Occupation: Marketing Manager/Grace's Mom and Wife to RJ What makes the world a better place?Being grateful and aware of all the abundance that is present in our daily lives. How has Jiva-Apoha influenced your life?My daughter suffers from Eczema and Baby Jiva saved her skin and calmed my fears. Everyday, that I put it on her, I know its safely soothing her precious skin. My husband and I love the oils for their amazing smells and luxurious properties. Jiva is a staple in our home and the homes of our loved ones. We are part of the Jiva Tribe.

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