Native Collaboration


(Light Blue & White Beaded Thunderbird on Palomino Deerskin)


We are so proud to collaborate with Carol Nason Lindhorse, the master craftswoman behind Old War Horse Moccasins. She has created Thunderbird Medicine Bags for Jiva-Apoha. They are made with deerskin and beads in the wild woods of Oregon where Carol works alongside her many animal companions. Carol has contributed a very special kind of magic to Jiva-Apoha with these beautiful, painstakingly crafted and authentic Medicine Bags. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with them just as deeply as we have!





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O Thunderbird, Sacred Bearer of Happiness,

I see you in the Sky with lightening flashing from your wing

tips and beautiful eyes, and bringing the rain as you fly.

O Thunderbird, my Guardian, Protector always watching

over me, over everyone. When I am weary from battle

you bring Peace and I can close my eyes and sleep.

O my beautiful Thunderbird who lives on the other side

of the Sun brings Happiness and Peace to everyone.


 —Carol Nason Lindhorse