Balancing • Revitalizing


Organic Sesame, Neem & Vitamin E Oils. Pure Essential Oils of Mysore Sandalwood, Clove, Fennel, Lemon & Cardamom.


Sundara (Handsome) facial oil contains the essences of warming spices that increase circulation and the skin’s ability to repair itself. The lightweight moisturizing properties of Sesame, Neem and Vitamin E oils balance sebum production and provide the ideal formula to regularly detoxify skin and is a wonderful, soothing treatment after shaving. Lemon and Fennel stimulate and purify, and natural antioxidants protect against free radical damage caused by environmental pollution and skin aging. Best enjoyed by both men and women, the intoxicating, spicy and ultra-sexy fragrance of this elixir and the clear and balanced complexion you will enjoy day after day will convince you that sometimes, a luxury can be a necessity.





.5 fl oz. (15 ml)

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