Organic Seed & Nut Oils. Pure Essential Oils.


There are many ways to define what luxury is, but at Jiva-Apoha, we believe that our hand-crafted bespoke body oils are at the very peak of it. Based on your answers from our questionnaire, Angela Shore will create your perfect treatment oil with all-natural Ayurvedic seed and nut base oils and ultra-pure, high quality essential oils chosen to facilitate healing and promote a feeling of health and well-being in your daily life. This process goes beyond skin care; it is at the very heart of what Jiva-Apoha stands for. The goal is to usher in subtle positive changes in yourself and your life, and your precise combination of healing essences will be your deliciously fragrant companion on your journey.





8 fl. oz. (237 ml) Pump

(One Size Only, 2 - 3 Weeks for Production)

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*Personalized Oils must be purchased before filling out questionnaire.