Anti-Inflammatory • Ache-Relieving


Arthritis, Respiratory, Athlete

Can be worn by both Men and Women.


Organic Sweet Almond Oil. Pure Essential Oils of Turmeric, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus & Marjoram.


Soul of Scent: Earthy, Pungent, Fresh Herbaceous, Spicy-Woody-Citrus

Benefits: Stress-Relieving, Muscular Aches, Promotes Health, Migraines, Nervous System, Detoxifying


Parutka is your saving grace for aches and pains. This particular blend of potent

all-natural essential oils in a base of soothing, skin-strengthening Sweet Almond oil couples well with massage when applying it. The results are lightning-fast, and your troubled joints and knotted muscles will immediately thank you by quieting down and unfurling. Turmeric and Marjoram fight inflammation, are warming and increase circulation to aid your body’s ability to heal itself. Lemongrass and Eucalyptus are stimulating, refreshing and up-lifting. They have also been known to ease headaches and stress, and help relieve nasal congestion. Parutka is the bridge that connects you with your own body so that healing and transformation come naturally.





8 fl. oz. (237 ml) SPA Pump

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2 fl. oz. (59 ml)

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