Earthy • Elevating


Get Lucky, Inspiration, Rocky Mountain High

Can be worn by both Men and Women.


Organic Hemp Seed (Cannabis Sativa) & Sesame Oils. Pure Essential Oils of

Sweet Grass & Rosewood.


Soul of Scent: Mildly Spicy, Vanilla-Like, Mellow, Nutty, Grassy

Benefits: Elasticity of Skin, Rashes, Promotes Alertness, Meditative State, Soporific Effect


Badass Holy Grass – we welcome a new blend into the fold, and name Cannabis Sativa Oil and Sweet Grass as its stars. The rich, mossy green properties of Cannabis are immediately recognizable through its color and scent. Its natural fatty acids are a real beauty-booster-- similar to skin’s own lipids, which oxygenate and hydrate skin. We’ve created a Holy Union by marrying it to Native American Sweet Grass, which has an addictive hay-vanilla scent. Rosewood’s citrus-floral overtone shines like the sun and balances out the blend. Use Holy Grass to prepare the way for your day and to clear away blockages. Holy Grass is George Harrison in India. It’s earthy mud and green grass stains on your blue jeans----proof of an afternoon well-spent. Holy Grass is Bohemian Psychedelic Americana through the eyes of Europe in The Seventies. If you happen to invite visions of billowing, endlessly tunneling smoke to break on through to the other side, your jewel-like cobalt bottle of Holy Grass will be waiting for you.





2 fl. oz. (59 ml)

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Note: The amazing vanilla-like scent of Sweet Grass Oil comes from a substance called coumarin. One of its powers is that It’s a blood thinner, so it should never be ingested. Hemp Seed Oil also has blood-thinning properties. This is meant to be used for skincare only.