Photography: Liz Von Hoene

Angela Shore, Creator / Founder of Jiva-Apoha


I am a ‘Soul-Searcher Rolling Stone’ alive with gratitude; I bow to my deep roots of North Carolina that has kept me grounded. I’m Indian at heart; from India to Native American with the love of my youth channeling ‘East to West’, the sounds of an Indian Sitar playing the ‘Trail of Tears’. During my twenties, I embraced the Great Spirit while living in New Mexico, kissed the sky, and flew to Brooklyn where the birds do tweet and hawks soar often; the richly historical land where the brand, Jiva-Apoha with a feather was born.


I have thrived under the tutelage of a master healer, a seasoned medicine woman for over 15 years, who is my confidant and soul sister today. After many healings and workshops, I received my certification at the Kerala Ayurveda Academy and also studied at School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma in Kerala, India.


My unquenchable desire to help others find peace, relief, and answers is a continuous passion. I have a natural philosophy of holistic wellness and ecological focus that plays into every aspect of the brand; from the organic, pure ingredients to the humane ethics employed every step of the way. I’m wild about anthropology, photography, art, design, music, hospitality, wellness, ecology, exotic foods, spices, and everything that smells beautiful.


I’m a traveler to my very core and find immense fulfillment in documenting and sharing my journeys. I’m a bit of a rock & roll yogi and sometimes rock shaman, so you may find me at the Patti Smith show. My spirit loves to mingle with wild pony, thunderbird, buffalo, coyote, bear, turtle, dolphin and cheetah. I never leave home without wearing a turquoise cuff or two. My style and approach to Green Beauty is in a constant innovative creative process.


Above all, I believe in living a balanced life.


I’m forever dedicated in making a difference to the people of the land.


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