Calming • Grounding • Purifying


OM, Yogi Style, Third Eye

Can be worn by both Men and Women.


Organic Sesame & Sunflower Oils. Pure Essential Oils of Frankincense, Mysore Sandalwood, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Palo Santo (Holy Wood) & Neroli.


Soul of Scent: Anise-Like, Citrus, Spicy, Woodsy, Refreshing, Light

Benefits: Stabilizes Emotions, Spiritual Awareness, Creativity, Colds, Migraines, Anxiety


Five precious essences comprise Atman, culminating in the scent of profound stillness. Fresh, deeply verdant and woody with a delicate hint of anise, Atman restores equilibrium while healing and softening the skin. Perfect to enjoy while mentally preparing for the day ahead, or for a few minutes of peaceful respite before bedtime. This is your secret place in the forest, hand-crafted and bottled just for you.





8 fl. oz. (237 ml) SPA Pump

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2 fl. oz. (59 ml)

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